BlueInvest Thematic Workshop @Oceanology


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December 3, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
71 Participants

BlueInvest Thematic Workshop @Oceanology

The Virtual BlueInvest Thematic Workshop @ Oceanology is an official event of Oceanology International 2020.

The BlueInvest platform is an EU initiative to boost investment and innovation into the Blue Economy, by supporting SMEs and startups with their investment readiness.

Use this opportunity to grow your business. Learn more about the initiative, develop and fine-tune your business strategy with experts and get feedback from potential clients, investors and partners.

Spots are limited, as the workshop will be customised to the needs of your business.

Find out more about BlueInvest at

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BlueInvest Readiness Clinics

As part of the BlueInvest Thematic Workshop @Oceanology, participants will be assigned to moderated working groups. 
▪ Coaching on applying for Readiness Assistance
▪ Pitch doctor
▪ Contributing to a sustainable Blue Economy, and how to plug into the Community

An interactive Help Desk will be made available for companies who are waiting for their meetings. 3 laptops will be linked via WebEx to the BlueInvest Secretariat, to assist participants in joining the BlueInvest Community, and to answer further questions about the platform.

In addition, attending companies will be encouraged to complete the BlueInvest Readiness Assistance application and, as an option, PwC’s International Readiness Self-Assessment Tool. The latter generates immediate customised reports with feedback on a company’s readiness to export and address new markets.

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European Commission, Directorate General for Maritime Affairs